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Isabel Coulton

Isabel Coulton, as Lydia’s eldest daughter, is well equipped to have helped her record her memories, many of which she has shared since the 1960s. Knowing and loving Provence deeply has enabled her to evoke its charm as well as the hardship of rural life. With the unique insight of an only child until she was nine, Isabel’s account of her mother’s story faithfully follows the charming way Lydia speaks and thinks.

Having grown up among a French and English melange of family and artistic styles, Isabel feels thoroughly European. Having been exposed to so much art from birth she has developed her own style, and in 2005 she started sculpting in wood and stone after many years training.

Isabel now lives in Devon with her family and is currently finishing an important commission for Buckfast Abbey’s Millennium celebrations in 2018, to carve a Madonna and Child in Portland stone.