I Was Sylvette (Regular Edition)



New Book – ‘I WAS SYLVETTE’ – Lydia Corbett’s life story by her daughter Isabel Coulton

For a few months in 1954 a beautiful young girl crossed the path of the century’s greatest artist, Picasso. What followed turned into a magical episode, a wonderful stroke of good fortune, as she became the subject of his Sylvette series, over 60 portraits, drawings and sculptures, and incidentally perhaps the major source for the long-skirted, pony-tailed ‘Look of the Fifties’.

  • Hard back with jacket colour and black and white photos
  • 25cm square
  • Printed on 150gsm matt coated paper
  • Jacketed
  • Large format
  • 224 pages

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Chapter Samples:

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Chapter 1  |  Chapter 2  |  Chapter 3