Giclée Prints

By August 18, 2016 April 25th, 2017 News

Sylvette and lydiaWe are beginning a new edition of Giclée prints available to buy at an easier price.

These prints are high quality scans of original paintings, printed on Somerset Velvet, a high quality 100% cotton paper, which looks and feels like the watercolour paper the originals are painted on.

“The limited edition print is a collaboration between artist and printmaker (as it has always been), the artist is the creative input and the printmaker the craftsman/technician.The printmaker has to be chamaelon like and take on the sensibilities of each artist who walks through the door, I would like to think that over the years many artists and I have developed that ability to understand one another. It is all to easy to take a photo and bash it out, but it really shows when an image has been tuned and retains its sparkle and original allure. That requires understanding and time.” Patrick Morely, printer.

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