Sylvette David / Lydia Corbett: Painter and Sculptor in Clay


by Lucien Berman

Standard 1st Edition, signed by Lucien Berman & Lydia Corbett
Without a high quality giclée print by Lydia Corbett.

This is the first major catalogue of Sylvette David / Lydia Corbett’s ceramics.  Sylvette David started out as an artist working in clay in 1954 when she was Picasso’s model.  Berman chronicles their first encounters and explores the many issues central to Modernism that continued to be addressed; in what he sees is an ongoing dialogue between Picasso and his muse.  Sylvette David has over the many years developed her own symbolic language which involves art, history, and touches both life and its mythologies.  She is best known for her watercolours and her oils, but she has also found her artistic pathways through ceramics and sculptural works.

This catalogue shows Lydia’s work beautifully and also the collaboration with her daughter Alice Corbett, a potter in her own right.

About the Author

Lucien Berman is a writer, critic, and art historian.  He has published in Le Mondethe Guardianand the TLS.  Educated at the Universities of Sussex, East Anglia, Paris III and the Panthéon Sorbonne.  His academic writing on Picasso was supervised by Professor Norbert Lynton.